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    ** AGVC 2016, expressions of interest now open **

    Advances in robotic technology offers land forces new operational capabilities resulting in greater survivability, flexibility and sustainability. Although military robots will continue to be operated under some human control it is desirable that in future there will be less need for human intervention. Robots will operate with a higher level of autonomy and independent behaviour and the operator will move from ‘in-the-loop’ to ‘on-the loop’. Currently the principle limiting factors on this higher degree of autonomy are the reliability of the system and task complexity. The major requirement to fill these gaps is the development of more sophisticated sensing and decision making algorithms.

    The Autonomous Ground Vehicle Competition (AGVC) initiative aims at sourcing proposals for the next generation of autonomous ground robotic vehicles from Australian Universities’ by increasing their exposure to this highly complex technical area and promoting robotic research for real wordapplications. AGVC will be part of university teaching program where graduate/post-graduate students learn theoretical knowledge-based intelligence skills needed to develop their skill level to meet future robotic requirements for Defence applications.


    Congratulations to AGVC 2014 Winners, the ‘Mechatronics 2′ team from UNSW